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Olivia’s Sexy Summer Weekender!

Everybody’s Favorite Erotic Author….

Olivia’s Seχy Summer Weekender!

Someone mentioned Ørgy.

Olivia’s Seχy Summer Weekender, The Story Teaser

(A continued story, get last week’s teaser here – Prelude )

Friday PM, Nice, South of France.


We can wait no longer, and I am as nervous as hell which is odd because I know everyone here on a very personal level. Thirteen highly-seχed individuals from different parts of the world including me are poised in anticipation for my opening ceremony for this special event.

As Queen Bee, I had already started my fun earlier in the day by organizing my troop to get the party preparations into shape. I was giving the orders and they, my dirty dozen, were obeying my every command. I was in control and having the time of my life.

My gaze falls back to Jane who is kneeling at my feet. My God, she looks gorgeous. I’d fallen for her hard, and it would be difficult to say goodbye to her when she went back on duty in three days’ time. Hugo stands behind her, my man and the one who brought her to me.

If they legalize a ceremony where three people can marry, then I will not hesitate to be wed to Hugo and Jane. For now, it is enough for him to have us both on collars and leads. My gaze slowly sweeps around the room and building our anticipation with every growing second of prolonged silence. I take in the detail of every face and the almost n@ked body of my lover friends, the term fu*k buddy is too rude and derogatory to describe the mutual feeling we all have for one another.

I feel some guilt for making them all wait like this, for I have been tasting the fruits of our gathering most of the day. Jane and I were together all day and couldn’t keep our hands off each other whenever we were alone. Hugo too in between doing his manly stuff. Yet having more than my fill, I still want more. I want each and every one of them and then the same again until I pass out with exhaustion.

My guilt, their guilt, whatever, I use it and turn it into pleasure. Not as a weapon but as a seχual release. When I take control of someone, they give me permission to act for them and make particular decisions. Like a confessional release, if you will. I take their guilt, ramp it up a little and then free them from the shackles of their emotional chains, the lack of inhibition at this point of release is one hell of a liberating natural high.

Each guest had been asked how far they were willing to go after our group lunch earlier today. A little humiliation was our dessert of choice through our Q & A, and everyone agreed to go the full distance. I’d chosen my company for the weekend well.

It is early evening, and a cool breeze blows through the place where we have set up my living room to stage our seχ games. Our personal, get involved, jump right in, cheer on and watch with dripping desire, live seχ show. Two nights, one weekend and time never to be forgotten.


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Wishing you a sexy weekend.

Loving you, Olivia, xoxo

Caring and Sharing.

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Oh my god I can’t believe it I’ve never been this far out of touch!

Everybody’s Favorite Erotic Author…. Oh my God, I didn’t realize until someone mentioned it, I’ve been organizing an Ørgy. Hello, It feels like forever since my last story email! I apologize if it seems that way. Some of you are complaining, and I don’t like letting you down. Still, you’ll be pleased to hear I’ve […]

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Banned – too hot to post!

Everybody’s Favorite Erotic Author…. Banned – too hot to post Hello, Almost got myself put in Facebook jail this week with a post which was immediately deleted with a warning! The story was maybe a little too racy for the general population on my public profile, but hey, no worries. I love the picture with […]

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Olivia’s Weekly Emails

You’ll find the latest at the top.

Friday July 14

When you got it going on, you just got to go with it!

Hello, yes, I still have two strippers, and when one of your favorite girlfriends comes to town, you know something hot is going to happen.

Hang on though. It does take planning, let me fill you in with some details first.

This time of year, I’m usually very busy with summer guests dropping in, and I have to keep a close eye on managing who comes when. So, when I have my two favorite performers (you remember the story of Plenty and Tinker Bell, don’t you? – Catch Up Here If Not) just hanging around at my convenience, and my super-hot army Captain coming to play, then I must strategize to make sure I’m not disturbed.

Grandma is my secret weapon. When I want to have the place to myself with my selected few, she is my best excuse. When she comes to town people either love her or hate her, and it’s best to know who’s who when it comes to which camp my friends fall into. “Hey yeah sorry Grandma’s here at the moment maybe you shouldn’t come over this weekend!” *** READ MORE HERE ***


Friday July 7

Geneva is home and so am I, at last


So, this is just a little catch up as I have been mainly traveling the last two weeks and alas, my writing has suffered. Usually, I can get a lot of words on the page during my downtime, but this time I had so much to put right, I couldn’t fit it all in. I scribbled down lots of notes for ideas, not that I need ideas, my characters tend to write themselves, I give them a situation, and they act as they see fit.

My sister Geneva is home, safe and sound with me in France. The NYC trip was a real nightmare and lasted 5 long days with both of us begging for forgiveness. You may be pleased to hear she is officially out of the shit now! The cops were great but did labor the point to put the wind up her. After nearly two weeks of her being pissed off and me dragging her around Europe, she finally calmed down and actually laughed at some of my lame jokes.

Freddie and I are best friends again. He was a little aloof during my visit to New York, but our subsequent phone chats have re-ignited our special relationship, and he is planning another visit to France. Lots of sex coming my way! *** READ MORE HERE ***


Friday June 23

More life lesson to learn! Take a chance and take responsibility

Thank you for being such great listeners.

So, my new friend is this super-hot French striƥƥer. She wants to be in a book, not write one or have any input into the story or plot. No, she just wants to be in one of my books as one of the characters. I had a few questions, the first being, if you don’t contribute to the story, what’s the point?

She had, but just a few details worked out!

“I just want to do it for the kicks! I thought you would instruct me to do certain things and then we would see where it took us. Then you would write about our adventures together.”

This is the point in my imagination where I see myself as the star in my own movie, I look towards the camera with an ‘mmm’ expression. Except this is not going to happen. No, no! *** READ MORE HERE ***


Friday June 16

Stage name ‘Plenty’ – have I not seen my fair share by now? Obviously not!

Hi Being home alone is okay for a time, well, a week is long enough, so I need to go out. As luck has it, Bo rings to tell me she needs my help and will be dragging me to one of her client’s private clubs. She’d been ringing every day trying to get me interested in a meetup. Just to fill you in if you don’t know me already, I have a friend who helps promote private members only clubs to those who have more money than sense. Bo takes over these events when a club has a more interesting and unusual theme night. When she gets busy, I always help her out. In honesty, I can’t say no to her on a professional or personal level. She’s a bit older than me, and when I first moved to the South of France, she took me under her G-String, and we have been close ever since. Nothing permanent though, which we both like. “I’m dragging you along because there is a very interesting striƥƥer I want you to meet,” she said in her short and to the point phone call. Drag me there, hell no, once she says the words Interesting Striƥƥer, I’m waiting at the door for her to pick me up! *** READ MORE HERE ***

Friday June 9

All I do is work work work work work! Rhianna’s in my head again.

Hi Right, so let me bring you up to speed… last weekend’s newsletter confess!on was canceled at the last minute!! I had a hot and personal story that was way too hot, so we set it on fire and let it burn off into the ether. Never to be spoken about again. Well, not after I give you a brief explanation and then we can move on. Last week, I wanted to give you my story of Freddie and his boyfriend Kevin who came to visit me during the final weekend of the Cannes Film Festival, but to tell you the truth, I knew in my heart we’d gone too far, and events had gotten way out of hand. My sister and I have been close over recent months and not just because she lives with me. We’ve been sharing lovers, and that includes Freddie and Kevin. So, with them as our house guests, it wasn’t too long till the lines became blurred and for once it wasn’t me who started it. It happened, and I can only leave you to your own imagination how it ended up. *** READ MORE HERE ***

Thursday May 25

Had I not created my whole world, I would certainly have died in other people’s!

Hi  We are all just one small adjustment away from making our lives complete. I make adjustments all the time. As humans, we look for perfection in everything we do. Typically, this time of year things become very hectic where I live. With the Monaco F1 Grand Prix and the Cannes Film Festival right on top of each other and with Nice being the airport of choice for both venues it all becomes way too busy. It was time for me to steal away for a few days. Usual I would visit my sister Geneva in Switzerland. The statement alone gets me some strange looks. To clarify, my sister’s name is Geneva, and she did live in Geneva for part of the year until recently. I would stay with her while friends of mine stayed at my villa for the Grand Prix. Now Geneva was living with me, so, we had to have a re-think. *** READ MORE HERE ***

Saturday May 20

Darling don’t touch yourself there — it’s naughty!

Juliet and I shared our first-time stories. She asked me not to tell anyone hers, but I’ll tell you mine. My first time with a girl. Darling don’t it’s naughty! My mother would say this to me so often the idea almost infected my mind. Thankfully I had other ideas. I looked up the word naughty early on in my curiosities. It was used in my presence for so many reasons, so I wanted to know how it applied to the one part of me that seemed to get the most attention. I liked the singularity of the word. In its informal meaning; to be mildly rude or indecent. Rude; referring to seχ. Indecent; not following acceptable standards of behavior in relation to seχual matters. Me, conform, surely not? *** READ MORE HERE ***

Saturday May 13

Two’s company, and three’s a crowd… not in my book it’s not!

So, that well-known saying ‘two’s company…’, Hmmm, well when you have as many friends as I have who drop by without notice, you become somewhat relaxed about how many people it takes to make a crowd! Some days, five makes a nice little bedroom party and plenty of story details for yours truly and my books. I hate it when people say they’ll do something or will meet up and never do. I’ve found it much easier to give my friends the option to just turn up at my place whenever they like. If I’m not there, they can give me a call, and I get my neighbor to let them in if they’re staying. My French neighbor always gives them the once over, pretending to smell the air they occupy, but eventually lets them in. It also gives her a chance to have a nose around, no harm there. *** READ MORE HERE ***

Friday May 5

You confessed, way to go! And if YOU haven’t yet then bring on!

Hi Thank you, thank you, thank you. Reading your stories has warmed my heart. Stories of self-love, rekindled marriages and seχ lives, daring nights out, changes taken, overcoming failures and seχ in public places. And these are only just a few of the stories I got from you, the readers of my weekly newsletter. It warms me inside with the belief we all share a communal spirit. I long for a private space we can all share, ideas anyone? Seχ in public places. What defines it? I’ve stayed in a beach hut resort where my neighbors were very noisy having seχ, and I think it was deliberate too! It certainly had an effect on my partner and me at the time. We weren’t the only ones who heard or could be heard. The effect certainly spread and caught on! But was it seχ in public? *** READ MORE HERE ***

Saturday April 29

You’re asked – “bend over now before I change my mind!”

Hi What would you think or say if someone asked you this? How about if it was pitch black dark in the room you were in? You’d have only one reference point being the voice of the person speaking. Even then, would you comply if you knew them? What about if it was a total stranger and you were both naked? I flew back to London this week for therapy. Although some of you may think I’m in constant need, and others might whisper behind their hands… I knew it, someone who was this weird and F’d up would need to see a shrink all the time…but, no not me! *** READ MORE HERE ***

Saturday April 22

Remaining an ethical slut and avoiding Sigmund Freud’s nephew!

Hi  I’ve had a record amount of emails regarding my ethical slut declaration a couple of weeks ago. Thus, I would like to revisit this most interesting and provocative subject. I am a self-declared great thinker, not in a genius type of way, but more in the ‘rationalizing my thought process’ type of way just so I am clear in my mind. I’m always checking myself, never second guessing a decision and I never regret. What I am talking about is a well thought out idea, one where all the angles are seen and argued out with my own a$$ on the fence approach beforehand. *** READ MORE HERE ***

Saturday April 15

Would you agree that fun is the only antidote to sadness?

Hi I was pleased to see my sister when she returned from New York, the day after Hugo left, even if she keep crying. In fact, she didn’t stop crying for a whole day. I stopped feeling sorry for myself when I saw how ugly, nasty and snotty she looked (sorry Sis). She needed my help more than ever. She was looking divorce squarely in the eye and wanted my guidance. I would give her my best! I would listen and try not to be too opinionated. I would get her what she needed when she needed it and more than anything, I would keep her entertained in the manner which I had recently got her accustomed to. The next day, during a video chat with Hugo – he wouldn’t stop laughing at the way we’d been mopping around – he said, two young, free, and available sisters could go out, have fun and do just about anything they wanted. It was true, neither of us had any ties and could go anywhere we liked. *** READ MORE HERE ***

Sunday April 9

I…I am apparently a bedroom crash test dummy!

Hi  Weekends call to me throughout the week like whispering fallen angels wanting advice on how to be wicked and naughty. What do I do next? What do I do best? I had to lay down and think – must stop pacing. Laying down and not sleeping, could I ever sleep when I’m in this mood, horny! Hugo, stop wasting this moment, wake up. A while later, he’s asleep again, and I’m still thinking. I get up and write to purge some of the demons from my mind. Back in bed, I tease him back to life while he still sleeps. My greatest challenge since I’ve met Hugo is to sneak up on him when he’s asleep and ready. He always stands to attention in the mornings.  *** READ MORE HERE ***

Sunday April 2

I’m an Ethical Slut! Or maybe it’s just an oxymoron?

I believed I’d done right, but you might disagree. It wasn’t easy to write this late email! After a weekend of happily doing exactly what I wanted with a gathering of like-minded party-goers, it was back to normal, if you can call my life normal that is? I was alone for two days because Hugo was called back to his base in England. He had to undergo a medical and receive orders for his return to active duty a week later. After my sister found out, she insisted on flying down to be with me. She thought my heart would be breaking and although I ignored my emotions, there was something to her comment. I met her at the airport and even before we got to the car she started working me. You should go with him. She told me. *** READ MORE HERE ***

Saturday March 25

A mask was compulsory but clothing wasn’t, so felt at home straight away.

We finished off last week with a tease. And, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to continue the tease for a little longer. My tribe and I were sworn to secrecy, blindfolded and led underground to one of the largest single roomed cellars in Europe. Before you ask, yes, there was wine there too, but things got a lot better than just drinking good fine wine.

To get there, I drove around the back streets with the directions they had given me wishing I’d come in my small run-around jeep. My friend who got the tickets was coming with us, making five. She’d decided to be my house guest too over the weekend. Perhaps it was something to do with my three hunky male visitors? I never realized how much of a flirt she could be.  *** READ MORE HERE ***

Saturday March 18

You spoke and I listened, and now I want to thank you!

Now I feel comfortable telling you all my stories, and particularly about the private party I’m going to attend in Monaco. And when I say private party, I mean the type where private parts are on show! But first though, I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the amazing support you have given me. It appears I was wrong to give in, conform, and tone it down. It’s so unlike me to do that. You’ll normally find no filters with me, but I’ll tell you more about that part of my story in a minute, (go to the bottom of this email). For now, though, you should know that the naughtiness can continue. Yay! Let me start by telling you a much more interesting story. *** READ MORE HERE ***

Monday March 13

I blew it like I knew I would!

I am sorry to tell you this, but my stories have got me into trouble yet again. My raunchy tales will have to be toned down and eventually be moved to my website for you to read there. I would prefer sending my little stories to your inbox and not have you jump around to another place to read them, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

So, to appease those who would rather see me stoned than think of me doing something naughty, I have decided to tone it down this week. This is temporary until I can figure out how to get this right. I’m also waiting to hear back from those people who appreciate what I have to say instead of gagging me!  *** READ MORE HERE ***

Saturday March 4

I couldn’t help myself last time, but then I couldn’t help myself this time either, my bed seems to be my version of the naughty step

This week I would like to make it clear, I take my sisterhood seriously. Although I get my fair share of complaints about my sexual activity (according to my friend Simone who says I get quite a lot, more than she does….oops!), I stand up for what’s right in my world. I take an active role in getting what I want in my life, be it a man or woman I like or in my work. I get up each day and make it happen—coffee first, as always, then I go about bringing home my own bacon! I live independently and support myself, so with that in mind, I would like to remind you all about International and World Women’s Day coming up next week, March 8. International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. We have an amazing special lined up for you this weekend with some fantastic reads celebrating the strong women around the world. I’ve written something extraordinary for you, and so did a ton of my friends, and we’ve put them together in a unique collection of freebies just for You. Anyway, I’ll get on to this in more detail further down the page. Stay with me! *** READ MORE HERE ***

Saturday February 25

How could I think I’d got it so right, when it all went so wrong, again

Writing fiction is easy, well, compared to writing real life things. You can literally make it up as you go along and get your characters to do just about anything you want. But is that true? There seems to be some sort of correlation going on between my life and work. I’ve read Stephen King’s book On Writing many times, and he says something along these lines, ‘if you create good characters and give them the right situation your characters will come to life and start doing stuff on their own’. This is so true. When I write, I can’t believe how the words just flow out, it’s like someone else is writing them. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a confession, I can assure you I write all my own stuff. What I am talking about here is what writers refer to as “the muse”. When you have it, the muse, the writing seems to just flow, and you are just a mere witness to your own creation. And the best bit, when this happens, and I read it back, I am the first person to read the story, my story. *** READ MORE HERE ***

Saturday February 18

I just can’t help myself sometimes, and in the end, he just sat and watched me.

It’s naughty Olivia here again with another one of my life story! It started off well, and then we hit a bump in the road. He was coming over with my suggestion to have a drink with a girl he had never met before. Just the two of them alone at my villa in the South of France. If I wrote that line in one of my books what do you think would happen next? The guy is a trained soldier and always ready for action, and that was what I was hoping for. If you remember from last week, my sister set me up with Hugo, the Army Major with the broken arm and ribs. I should have remembered those details, but instead, I focused on his smooth voice and could imagine my clothes being left strewn across the floor when he entered my home. *** READ MORE HERE ***

Friday February 10

Olivia’s Naughtiness Continues. Her Choice, Men or Women?

It’s good news for you this weekend. Why? Because you are getting complete access to our greatest writers in two of our most successful promotions during the last two years. With Fifty Shades Darker hitting the movie theaters worldwide over the weekend, and Valentine’s Day approaching fast, we have two overlapping events which we just couldn’t let slip by without rewarding our loyal fans. (Disappointed women everywhere, emailed us for three weeks straight with complaints about missing last year’s giveaway, so don’t be one of them this year! It’s free after all).

In early January on my way back home, flying from New York to Nice in the South of France, I was so excited about the prospect of this particular week in February that I wrote my Valentine’s special in one single session! I could only manage to draft out my next short story because my obsession with Fifty Shades of Grey kept my mind pulling in the other direction. I’m a big fan you know as if you hadn’t guessed. I was still trembling with excitement from performing in a private club in New York, and it was way too hard to concentrate. *** READ MORE HERE ***

Friday February 3

Darker Shades Weeklies, Olivia’s Story of Scarlett

I hope you were not too disappointed last week with all my teasing? The good news this week, is there is no teasing, and you can get your hands on the book for free. Find out how my fiction was influenced by my life. You know sometimes lines get blurred, life imitating art or art imitating life, either or both sometimes it’s hard to tell. Going to a private party, like the one in New York is not my usual thing, but to be honest, now I have had a taste, I find myself wanting more. My forever friend Freddie hasn’t stopped calling me with suggestions for other venues, and I’ve been doing the same with him. Where does it stop, I ask myself? Except it’s not really my voice saying it in my head, it’s the sound of my sister’s voice, the voice of reason as I have called it. When I finally confessed the whole thing to my sister, I had to initially drip feed it little by little so she wouldn’t burst an eyeball or something similar when she was shouting at me down the phone. It was a Private Party was the best I could offer in my defense. The fact that I took a waitress from a bar back to Paris with me and left her there with nothing but a return ticket didn’t help my cause. My sister told me to stop being a F***ing lesbian, but I’m not, I told her. She did have a point, and then she said that every other word that came out of my mouth smelt of vagina! I’ve been self-conscious about that one for the last week or so. *** READ MORE HERE ***

Friday January 28

Olivia Does New York and Her Private Party

I didn’t think I could top my naughty mountain weekend, but I did, so I’m back to give you an exclusive. There is one thing, though, I’m having a little problem. Why, because telling you via email would get me into too much trouble and you may never hear from me again. Let me begin by giving you a quick recap. A week ago, last Monday, I touched base with my long-standing friend Camp Freddie. I wanted to tell someone about my raunchy weekend, but also find out from Freddie what he had been up to. His stories always outdo mine, but I don’t mind because they get me so hot. *** READ MORE HERE ***

Friday January 20

Olivia’s Naughty Mountain Weekend

The weekend is here again, and I am still thinking about the last one. How can I possibly top it? Okay, so I’m going to tell you about last weekend when I was in the mountains on a ski weekend with the girls. But first, I couldn’t possibly waste this entire weekend reminiscing about my past bad behavior, so I put out some feelers on Monday, and when the answer came to me in an email, I had to look away in shame. Yes me, looking away in shame, can you believe it? I met Freddie on a plane to New York five years ago, and we hit it off immediately. He’s leans that way I’m afraid, and the type of guy you don’t have to ask if he is or not if you know what I mean. Anyway, I watched him in the airport lounge at Charles de Gaulle – *** READ MORE HERE ***

Friday January 13

Olivia’s Wicked Themed Weekender

It’s naughty Olivia again, but only with a quickie this week! I’m off shortly to pick up my sister Geneva up from the airport and then we are driving up to the mountains for the weekend to stay with some friends. Sounds posh, but the truth is, we are all bunking up together in an old run-down ski lodge. Thank God they have a large open fire which heats the place up like a furnace. Yours truly has been issued the sofa as my bed so at least I will stay warm. Well, you can’t turn your nose up to a free weekend away, especially when your older and much wise (in some areas) sister organizes the whole thing. I’m hoping it’s not going to be one of the intervention type things she used to throw at me when she told me I was a bad girl! I still am a bad girl, well I think I am, and now big sis has come around to my way of thinking. A great sisterly weekend will be had either way. *** READ MORE HERE ***

Sunday January 8

She was shocked when Abby kissed her.

It’s your wicked friend Olivia again. I just had to email you, and let you know about this naughty little story. I hope you enjoy it! She was shocked when Abby kissed her for the first time. After that, Scarlett just couldn’t get enough of her. A great lyrical friend once sang, “It’s the ones who resist that we most want to kiss. Wouldn’t you say?” That’s exactly how it happened! She had planned to meet Abby in person for the first time and see how things played out. Scarlett had plans, and she had thought of nothing else in her personal pursuit of sexual happiness. But strangely, it was Abby who made the first move, and when she did it left her a little shocked. The fire of their passion burned fiercely as it intensified and Scarlett just couldn’t get enough of her.  *** READ MORE HERE ***

Wednesday January 4

Olivia’s Wicked Tales a must read

Hello again, Well, we made it safely into 2017 with all our limbs attached, but with perhaps, a little spread! It’s your favorite wicked erotic story teller Olivia here, delivering some more of her naughty secrets. I’ll try not to waffle on too much today but must bring you up to speed with things concerning my sister. Would you believe it, she is calling me every day! Why? It’s all because of the little saucy share I did over Christmas. Usually, I only hear from her twice a week, but now both she and her friends are hot under the collar from my latest sexual exploits! (If you didn’t get to read my previous email, which I sent out during the NYE weekend, then please take a look here –  It’s shocking!). Okay, so Geneva, (my older sister) relayed my story to our friends, and now they are quite happily sharing their stories with her! Would you believe it? In fact, I think she’s a bit overloaded with them all. After hearing her go on for over three days, I was able to get a word in when she finally stopped to draw breath. Geneva, are these real stories or fantasies? I asked her. *** READ MORE HERE ***

Friday Dec 30 2016

New Year Weekend – Email

With Christmas gone by in a blur, and the New Year weekend just beginning, I thought to myself, I must get those goodies I promised over to you. What with traveling back and forth from my home in France to London, then over to Geneva as well as finding time to see my sister, and back again in just 5 days, things have been a complete rush. I knew it was always going to be a bit of a nightmare, but I still got in some writing time. I took down plenty of notes, of course, my thought pattern goes into overdrive when I am traveling. All those airports with passionate people dressed up with lots of lovely places to go – including me, in my perpetual wanderlust. To add to my overactive brain, my older sister, (the sensible one out of the two of us) always wants to hear what I’ve been up to when we get together, even though she always seems a bit shocked when I tell her. We speak on the phone 2 or 3 times a week, but she still likes to grill me when we meet. *** READ MORE HERE ***


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